Blessed and Exorcised Scapulars (Various Saints)

Blessed and Exorcised Scapulars (Various Saints)


This scapular offers strong protections against demonic and negative spirits. You do not have to be Catholic to wear this. It’s made of 100% Brown Wool. Free Blessed and Exorcised St. Benedict Medal and Crucifix attached to each Scapular. The St Benedict medal is inscribed with a powerful exorcism prayer on it.   It can be worn underneath your shirt or outside. It can also be hung inside of houses and vehicles.


"My team and I use this tool as protection for ourselves, worn under our shirts as well as having them placed around the home on doors and windows.  We use these as tool to help our clients.  Its something simple to use yet very powerful.   They are also used in Blessings, Deliverance and Exorcism." - Dave

You can read about the history of the Scapular here

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