Will be scheduling investigations in the 2nd half of the year.  We want everyone to be safe and feel comfortable on events.  Stay Tuned here or on the Haunted Explorations Events page

We've been doing classes and events/public investigations for 22 years and we never stopped. 4 years ago we partnered up South Jersey Ghost Research to expand the area that we did events in and the scope of these events. We named the partnership Haunted Explorations Events and it is the store team along with our new partners involved in the events and classes. You can read more about Haunted Explorations here and see what we have coming up so far this year. The most up to date calendar of events will be on that site as well and the Haunted Explorations Events Facebook page. This year will will also be listing the classes and events here on The GhostHunter Store pages to avoid confusion that led some people to think we stopped doing events altogether because they were not listed on the store website.  


New Dates will Be Announced for future dates of these classes


The year that never was, hoping for better things as we move on together