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This is our 20th year in business! We are Dave and Michelle Juliano. Dave has been a researcher in this field for 35 years and he created the very first paranormal website on the internet back in 1994, The Shadowlands. He has been the Co Director of South Jersey Ghost Research and Sanctuary Paranormal for over 22 years.   SJGR has been helping people with problem hauntings since 1955, . Sanctuary Paranormal deals primarily with Negative and Extreme hauntings. He is the author of “Positive Energy for Haunted Homes”, “Ghost Research 101: Investigating Haunted Homes” and “Armor of God”. Feel free to visit the Dave’s bio page, and South Jersey Ghost Research websites as well for lots of great info on ghost hunting.

You may see us at paranormal expos and conventions too, Dave speaks at many and we always bring the store along.   We also do our own public investigations and you can see those events on our other site Haunted Explorations Events

If you need something by a certain date please call us 609-239-2626 or text message our personal cell phones.​

Custom Built or Hand Modified Orders - many of our items are built from scratch including make casings and parts on 3D printers.    Many of these items are built just for you.  ​These do take longer than average shipping times especially during peak seasons and these shipping times are listed with each item.

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