2020 Holiday Shipping Info


2020 Holiday Shipping Info

Since many of the items are built or modified by hand by real paranormal researchers they each have their own special shipping time frames. During the holidays we realize that many people will want a product by Christmas. Here are the times given to us by the builders, suppliers and manufacturers as their 2020 cut off date to receive before Christmas. These apply on the hand built or hand modified items because they take extra time to build.  They may still arrive on time after these date so ask if in doubt.  If you do not need it by the 25th then all normal shipping times on the site would apply.

Normal in stock items can ship out and make it by the 24th (according to the USPS website) if the order is placed by 5pm EST 12/18/20.   After the 18th packages can be expedited if its in stock , contact us to see if your order can be sent express shipping.   Obviously ordering sooner is better and there can be delays as stock goes in and out quickly during the holidays.   USPS, UPS and FedEx have all suspended their shipping times guarantees so that may complicate some deliveries this year.  If you are in doubt about an item's ability to make it in time please message us on Facebook or Call (email will be too slow).

Messaging will be the quickest way to get a hold of us here messenger.com/t/ghosthunterstore or https://www.facebook.com/messages/t/dave.juliano 

it goes right to our cell phones.

Brand Specific Cut Offs for Christmas Delivery 


  • Full Spectrum Cameras, Portals and Deluxe Kinect Cams - Order by 12/10/2020


  • Paranologies Items (parascopes, etc.) - Will NOT arrive until 2021

  • Flir Thermal Imagers - Order by 12-4-2020


  • ProMeasure Items (MEL meter, Rem Pods, KII, SB7T & SB11) - Order by 12/18/2020​   Ask us if your item is in stock as we may still have items on hand.    We usually keep all of these products in stock.

  • Para-light and ELD Dowsing Rods - Order by 12-17-2020


Our Shipping May be on Time However it's Up to the Shipping Companies UPSP and UPS to get it there in time.  We obviously have no control over that.   Both have had posted delays and suspension of delivery time guarantees since April