Mel-8704R-7:1 - Premier Model with 7 Functions

Mel-8704R-7:1 - Premier Model with 7 Functions

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7 Features:
1. Programmable Digital EMF Measurement
2. Digital Ambient Temperature Measurement
3. ATDD +5/-5 Degree Hot & Cold Spot Temperature Variations
4. Programmable REM Antenna
5. Shadow Detection with User Adjustable 5 Step Sensitivity
6. High Intensity Red Flashlight
7. Star Pattern Laser Projector

he Mel-8704R-REM-EMT-SDD is a more advanced version of our most popular Mel Meter, the Mel-8704R-REM-ATDD-SDD.
The new Mel-8704R-REM-EMT-SDD has six LED lights vs. the standard Mel-8704R-REM-ATDD-SDD which has four LED lights. On the left side of the meter, there is a REM ZERO button and a REM RANGE button. The REM ZERO button enables the user to manually baseline at anytime. The REM RANGE button is for sensitivity and range (distance) detection adjustments. There are five individual step increments for sensitivity (range) adjustment which can make the meter more or less sensitive depending on the circumstances and location in which it is being used. The new REM-EMT detection distance is about four times greater than our previous REM design. The REM function can be activated by pushing the REM button behind the tilt stand. The REM will perform a quick diagnostic test and then auto zero.

The REM adjustable RANGE (Distance) or sensitivity is as follows:
Sensitivity Level #1 = 1" - 2" (Purple LED)
Sensitivity Level #2 = 2" - 3" (Purple and Red LEDs)
Sensitivity Level #3 = 3" - 4" (Purple, Red & Blue LEDs)
Sensitivity Level #4 = 4" - 5" (Purple, Red, Blue & Yellow LEDs)
Sensitivity Level #5 = 5" - 6" (Purple, Red, Blue, Yellow & Green LEDs)

In the highest sensitivity level, it is very important that you hold the meter relatively low toward the battery compartment to prevent possible mutual interference from your hand. If you hold the meter low, your hand will not be near the REM circuitry, and the device will not detect the energy in your hand. If your hand is detected, hold your hand steady without moving it and the REM circuit will automatically "zero" or correct for this in 5 - 7 seconds. If you place the device on a conductive material like metal, please allow this 5-7 sec. time interval to baseline, or you can perform a manual baseline with the REM ZERO button located on the left side of the meter. The meter will detect anything that interrupts the EM field around the antenna that is metal or conducts electricity. Also note that fluorescent lights and high power handheld communication devices (Walkie Talkie) may affect the REM function. If this happens, try reducing the sensitivity to a lower setting. To turn on the +5/-5 degree ATDD hot & cold spot temperature circuit, press the ATDD button located behind the tilt stand. The ATDD circuit will go through a quick diagnostic routine and then Zero / Baseline. On the right side of the meter, there is an ATDD ZERO / Baseline button and a red/blue bi-color LED indicator light. The ATDD circuit also has 5 octave ascending tones for temperature increases and 5 octave descending tones for temperature decreases. Each octave tone correlates to an individual degree step over the +5 / -5 degree temperature range. The RED LED light indicates a "+" temperature change and the BLUE LED light indicates a "-" temperature change. There is a blue/white thermistor located in the top of the meter which is indexed to the ATDD temperature circuit. It is important to allow the ATDD temperature circuit adequate time to adjust to the surrounding environmental temperature before use. If there are any gradual ambient temperature changes within the environment, you can manually correct for this with by pressing the ATDD ZERO switch located on the right side of the meter. Also note that if the ATDD temperature increases or decreases resulting in a constant tone for more than ten seconds, the tone will automatically "mute" and the Red or Blue LED will remain illuminated. The tone will resume if the temperature continues to rise or fall. Please note that the yellow connector with blue wire at the top of the Mel meter is a "K" type thermocouple which measures the ambient room temperature. This temperature is shown on the Mel LCD display just below the digital EMF reading.
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