Mel-8704R Meter

Mel-8704R Meter

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This was the first EMF meter that was built specifically for paranormal researchers.
This is the "Basic" Mel Meter that was introduced in 2008. This instrument includes all of the essentials features used by Professional Paranormal investigators. However, it does not include an expansion slot. The expansion slot is a cost saving feature that allows the device to be upgraded by DAS with new features at any point in time. If you think that you may out grow the basic Mel Meter, select the Mel-8704R-ProNav Model that has the expansion slot built into it.

Mel-8704R Basic Model
Measures EMF, & ambient Temperature
EMF "Burst" (100msec) mode feature for rapid EMF fluctuation
EMF Min/Max capture
Rapid response ambient temperature measurement
Temperature min/max capture
Red night view Backlight Display with On/Off Button
High intensity Red Flashlight
Includes: (1) 9Vdc Alkaline battery

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