Haunted Snug Harbor DVD

Haunted Snug Harbor DVD

From Brian J. Cano from Haunted Collector years before the show. 

Sailors' Snug Harbor, located along the Kill Van Kull on the north shore of Staten Island in New York City, was once the home for many retired merchant seamen. The life of a sailor was a harsh one - perilous waters and brutal pirates were constant companions. After surviving years under these conditions, many merchant seamen retired to Snug Harbor to live out their golden years in comfort. Rich with history, this location also holds a sinister side, one of forbidden love, adultery, suicide, torture, and even murder. With such morbidity often comes the presence of paranormal activity. Join a group of paranormal investigators as they search for answers to the various claims reported by many eyewitnesses. This film will document Snug Harbor’s rich history while investigating its even darker past.

It’s sprawling 83 acres is architecturally significant with over twenty-five 19th century buildings ranging in style from Greek revival, Beaux Arts, Italianate to Victorian. The site is considered Staten Island's "crown jewel" and "an incomparable remnant of New York's 19th-century seafaring past". Appropriately, it is a National Historic Landmark.

SCARED! is an independent series of paranormal documentaries. It first appeared on cable-access in NYC in 2002. Part paranormal investigators, part urban explorers, they venture into places few will go in search of paranormal activity. The team is built upon the triumvirate of views; Skeptic, Psychic and Scientist - and they feel that diversity brings a well-rounded approach to each investigation. The crew makes it a point to team up with other local groups when doing an investigation and from time to time find themselves working with veterans in the field, such as John Zaffis and Rosemary Ellen Guiley.

Directors: Brian J. Cano, Christopher Mancuso
Producers: CORE Films Inc.
Format: NTSC, Color
Region: All Regions
Run Time: 83 minutes
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