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Downloadable Updates for the Tempest



  • First ensure that you are using a good MicroSD card, Sandisk SDXC or SDHC or similar high speed card not more than 32GB..

  • Copy the “firmware.bin” file to the root of the MicroSD card. It will not work if copied into a folder. (name has to be exactly “firmware.bin”)

  • Ensure you have enough battery power prior to update, it is fairly fast but to be sure try to have at least 25%.

  • Insert MicroSD card into device and power on the unit.

  • You will see a screen that indicates that the Firmware is updating. DO NOT POWER OFF AT THIS POINT!! (*If you don’t see this screen, check MicroSD card Quality)

  • Wait for completion, the unit will show the title screen with an alert to reboot unit. Do so by powering off and then back on, or by pressing the lower reset button.
    **Best results are obtained from a power cycle..

  • Firmware update file will be removed from the MicroSD card after successful update.

  • Enjoy the new updates..!!

Version 0.86 includes new font and a Spanish word library

Version 0.87 adds a new user created custom word list option.   Put the firmware file and the customwords.txt files on your SD card and start device.  Follow the instructions on screen.   You can add any words you want to the customwords.txt text file and it is accessible in the added speech mode called "custom sd card"

Version 0.90 adds an updated REAL SOUNDING HUMAN VOICE option.   Additional words for this mode will be in future updates.

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