The Ovilus

The Ovilus


Please Read:  At one time we did carry the Ovilus device but we used to use it a lot but it's complicated and we see people using it incorrectly a majority of the time.   The manufacturer lists it as for entertainment purposes only.   We were also aware that any of the info you get from an ovilus cannot be used as evidence since you don't know exactly what caused a word to appear on the screen. Some were tempted to assume every word that came up was from a spirit and would make the words fit the narrative. We did use it all the time on fun events and for entertainment, but not for actual research and evidence.    If you've see it on TV please keep in mind that things are not always as the seem.  Based on my multiple televsion appearances, I can tell you things are creatively editted and the way you see the equipment working may be the director making something happen so it makes the show interesting.   If you have the budget for the Ovilus, may we suggest a few other items that would have the potential to get some good evidence and also have fun as you use it.

The Kinect SLS Camera - "see" spirits! The SLS cam maps out body-like shapes using Infrared beams. We've seen and obtained some great videos of stick figures like these obtained in areas where no one was standing.

The Portal - Get so much more out of your ghost box or app sessions. The portal works with your ghost box so the voices are much cleared and the background noise is muted and filtered so you don't hear it.


We can also put together and custom equipment kit with your choice of any equipment we carry. We will give you a discount on the custom kits. If you are interest in a custom kit,
just ask!


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