St Benedict Blessing Kit

St Benedict Blessing Kit


The St Benedict Blessing kits can be used for protection against evil, blessings, bindings, deliverances and other rituals.    This is an advanced kit and has most of the items that are used regularly by those fighting against the dark side.  The St Benedict medal is a power tool for protection against evil spirits.   The medals have an exorcism prayer on the back side and they also have a special exorcism prayer done over them that is unique to St Benedict Medals.   


  • St Benedict Crucifix - Blessed and Exorcised - 7 1/4" H
  • Holy Water Bottle - filled as a gift  - 2oz
  • Incense Sticks - blessed
  • Salt  - Blessed and Exorcised - 1oz
  • Candle - blessed
  • Anointing Oil - Blessed and Exorcised - 1oz
  • Holy Card with a Saint's Relic (card will vary)
  • 4  - St Benedict Medals - Blessed and Exorcised - 3/4"
  • Armor of God  - The book includes  prayers for protection against evil and a variety of scenarios,  offensive prayers, deliverance prayers and exorcisms.


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