Rook EMF Meter with Sound*

Rook EMF Meter with Sound*

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This is a EMF meter that was designed for paranormal research. It give you light and audible alarms when it is detecting anomalies. This allows you to track down a source with the increasing intensity of the alerts. It is also shielded so you get less outside interference and false readings.


  • EMF sensor with lights visible all around the unit
  • Sound alert that varies with proximity of the EMF detected
  • Highly sensitive EMF detects even small changes
  • Quality detection fortified from most interference
  • Detects NATURAL magnetic and man-made EMF
  • Ergonomically built for comfortable carrying with grip texture
  • All red lighting used to preserve night vision
  • Lighted on/off power switch and power indicator for finding it in the dark
  • Balanced to sit upright on its own for viewing in 360 degrees
  • Tripod mountable for flexibility in various applications
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