REM Pod 2.0

REM Pod 2.0

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New Version! REM Pod creates its own EMF for ghosts to interact with. It's one of our favorite trigger prop and communication tools. The REM Pod with EMT allows you to adjust the sensitivity of the unit to the location and conditions you are investigating in plus it detects cold and hot spots.


Easy to View Bright RED, GREEN, BLUE, Yellow and Purple Indication


Audible Tones Correlating To Field Disturbance - the more the field is disrupted and the closer that gets to the antenna, the higher the pitch becomes.


The new REM Pod EMT Rev 2.0 defaults to a sensitivity setting that when turned on, is equal to the highest sensitivity setting of our previous REM Pod EMT Rev 1.0 model. The user can then make an informed decision based on environmental conditions to elevate the sensitivity four more steps which doubles the detection range of our previous Rev 1.0 model. It is important to understand that this detection sensitivity may need to be adjusted downward should you encounter external interference. Interference will be noted by a random blinking green LED. The intent of this extreme sensitivity modification is to try and amplify weaker interactive energy and to also detect energy at a greater distance. 



  • New Version 2.0 with REM Sensitivity Boost includes a +/- 7" EM Field
  • Easy to View Bright Red, Green, Blue, Yellow and Purple LED Indication
  • Audible Tones Correlating To Field Disturbance
  • Back light Allows Easy Visibility in The Dark
  • 5-Step Programmable REM Sensitivity allows Instantaneous Response To Field Fluctuations & Spikes
  • +5 / -5 Degree Audible and Visual Hot and Cold Spot Detection
  • Temperature "Zero" (Baseline)
  • Auto and Manual REM "Zero" (Baseline)
  • Removable Screw-in Antenna
  • 9Vdc Alkaline Battery Included
  • 1 Year Warranty


The REMPod EMT provides manual and automatic baseline correction in addition to a programmable 5-Step REM sensitivity "range" adjustment. The EMT also has a +5/-5 degree ambient temperature Hot & Cold spot detection with ascending tones for "+" temperature change, and descending tones for "-" temperature changes. A momentary Blue LED is used for "-" and a Red LED is used to indicate "+" temperature trends.


Watch A Video About the Rem Pod



  • Remove the Antenna from the protective paper on the top of the REM POD EMT. Then remove the paper to expose the Red Acrylic top.
  • Screw the Antenna onto the threaded screw located on the top of the REM POD EMT. This may go on snug, so make sure it is completely tight. Once attached, gently extend the telescopic antenna. 
  • Located on the bottom of the REM POD EMT you will find a slide switch that turns the REM function ON or OFF. In the REM setting, the REM with EM field around the antenna will be activated. 
  • The ATDD Power button located on the bottom of the Pod allows for ± 1 to 5 degree Ambient Temperature Detection. PLEASE NOTE: To activate the Ambient Temperature Deviation Detection (ATDD) circuit, the REM circuit must also be powered ON for the ATDD circuit to function. Once activated, the ATDD will do a diagnostic check and the circuit will baseline to the environment ambient temperature condition. The temperature sensor is located on the top of the REM POD EMT adjacent to the telescopic antenna. An LED on top of the Pod turns Red with ascending tones for each “+” degree change and a Blue LED turns on with descending tones for a “-“ temperature change.  
  • Once the REM POD EMT is turned ON, it goes through a quick self-test diagnostic routine. You can adjust the REM detection sensitivity level to suit your needs. The REM field and strength around the antenna is adjustable using the momentary REM RANGE button on top of the Pod. Each time the button is depressed, the detection range and sensitivity will increase by approximately 20%. When adjusting the sensitivity, the LEDs located on the top of the REM POD EMT will blink to acknowledge the range setting. Press the momentary switch to loop through the sensitivity range settings. 


Sensitivity Level # 1 = Purple LED

Sensitivity Level # 2 = Purple & Red LEDs

Sensitivity Level # 3 = Purple, Red & Blue LEDs

Sensitivity Level # 4 = Purple, Red, Blue & Yellow LEDs

Sensitivity Level # 5 = Purple, Red, Blue, Yellow & Green LEDs


  • To test the REM-POD-EMT detection range, approach the antenna (centered) from the left and right, using your left and right hands simultaneously. The maximum detection distance for your hand is



approximately ± 7” from the antenna for the new Rev 2.0 model vs. ± 3” from the antenna for the Rev

1.0 model. Note: This detection distance can vary depending on environmental conditions

  • The REM-POD-EMT has an Auto and Manual Baseline Calibration adjustment. The REM Auto Baseline occurs approximately every seven seconds. This is an important function because it will automatically adjust for any interference from metal, fluorescent lights, and other conductive surfaces. If you notice any interference from handheld communication devices like walkie talkies, adjust the sensitivity level accordingly, or refrain from using them during your investigation. Use the REM Zero button on top of the Pod to baseline the REM feature if you need to. Also, if you are using more than one Rem-Pod-EMT next to each other, be sure to separate them by at least 20”.
  • The temperature circuit also has a Manual Baseline adjustment. Make sure the REM-POD-EMT has at least ten minutes to adjust to the surrounding Ambient Temperature prior to use. If the temperature in the room rises or drops gradually and “sticks” on one degree (one tone), you can push the ATDD ZERO button located on the top of the Pod to correct for this. Or, if the sound remains on for more than ten seconds, the device will automatically mute the sound until it senses the next ± 1 degree temperature change.


PLEASE NOTE: Always be sure to use a fresh 9VDC alkaline battery during your investigation. When a battery needs to be changed, the REM-POD-EMT LED’s will start to fluctuate randomly. Be sure to install the 9VDC battery correctly to prevent possible damage to the circuit.

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