Orange Selenite Sticks 5 pack

Orange Selenite Sticks 5 pack


Selenite is the ultimate energy tool to purify, clear, cleanse, and uplift your home, plus everyone and everything in it.   It's been called the best energy tool to purify, clear, cleanse and locations.  It floods an area and everything/everyone in it with highly positive energy.   It's one of the most powerful tools to charge and cleanse other crystals.    It can be used for personal protection, crystal gids and so much more.


We place it in every room, on window sills and anywhere we spend a lot of time.  Our desk has multiple pieces all over it.   We have selenite lamps on every floor of our house.   It brings so much positive energy into the home.

Orange selenite mini sticks 5 packs come in sizes anywhere from 2.5" long to 3.5" long with widths varying with some being thicker than others. From Morocco.

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