Non Contact 12 Point Thermometer/Hygrometer

Non Contact 12 Point Thermometer/Hygrometer


This non-contact thermometer is very different from others.   This reads surface temperature, ambient temperature,and humidity as the same time.   It uses a 12 point laser instead of a single point.


•    More Accurate Readings:  When compared with the traditional single-point infrared thermometer, its indicator consists of 13 points. A laser pointer consisting of 13 points allows you to see the areas visually you are measuring. This feature is helpful for accurate measurements when you are measuring objects with uneven temperatures. The distance spot ratio is 12: 1. which means you can measure the target at a longer distance. 
•    Easy to Read Screen:  Non-contact infrared thermometer colorful have a Bigger LCD makes it outstanding in the dark place. 
•    Emissivity: You can adjust the temperature gun's emissivity with the instruction to improve measurement accuracy across different surface types.(0. 1-1. 0)
•    Laser on/off:  You can press the MODE button to turn off the infrared function, which will not affect the measurement results.


Why we use these:


Non-Contact Thermometer:    It reads surface temperature of things by reading the Infrared Heat Signature coming off it. Everything above absolute zero gives off an IR heat signature. This type of thermometer works on the same principles that PIR motion sensors and thermal imagers work. When this is pointed towards an area it will read the surface you are pointing it at unless something, that may not be visible to the naked eye, is in front of that surface and then it will show you a sudden temperature fluctuation that you will not find again and not be able to duplicate. It's a great way to detect unseen things that are giving of an IR heat signature like a solid object.


Ambient Temperature:   This reads the air temperature around the thermometer itself.  It's great for measuring cold spots.   Hold the unit inside the area that cold air is felt to get an immediate reading.  We use both surface and ambient air thermometers in paranormal research, this thermometer has both.


Hygrometer:  Measure the humidity in a location is especially important.   Certain pieces of equipment are directly impacted by humidity.   Trigger objects like the Rem Pod have their coverage area's size change in different humidity.   Items like non-contact thermometers can get false readings in humidity over 90%.


Body color and mold may vary depending in stock.   Other body types are black, yellow, red and blue.   They all function exactly the same as listed above.

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