GS2 Laser Grid Sensor Array

GS2 Laser Grid Sensor Array


Now you can Map an Area or Room and also Measure Changes with Laser Precision!


Detects  Motion, Distance, Direction and Temperature Fluctuations


The GS2 is the big brother of the popular GS1 Laser grid.  The GS2 does so much more! The GS2 has the original laser grid projection system and now combines it with an array of multiple precision sensors to give you much more information about a spirit.


  • Visual laser grid projects a red pattern to identify anomalies
  • Multiple sensors detect changes within the laser-mapped area
  • Senses:  Motion, Distance, Direction and Temperature Fluctuations
  • Conducts baseline readings
  • Multi displays indicate readings with audible alerts
  • Event counter keeping track of occurrences with details
  • Able to determine dimensions, shape, speed for aid in 3D modeling
  • Tripod mount on bottom of unit  (tripod not included)
  • Rechargeable battery with USB charger

Imagine being able to map the  physical aspects of a ghost or any anomaly that passes in front of you.   With the GS2 you can!  This laser grid system can tell us direction, distance, temperature, shape, size and even helps us make a 3D model of the entity. Using the  original GS1 laser grid projector and now combined with an array of over 65 sensor points, this mapping system gives you more information than ever before.

Multiple sensors all in one device.


Detect multiple characteristics of an entity.

  • Motion
  • Distance
  • Direction
  • Temperature
  • Shape and Size
  • Baseline Readings
  • Event Counter Detail


Laser Grid Projection Mapping

This laser blankets the surface area of a room with a projected visible pattern making it easy to visually identify anomalies entering the space. The sensors look at the area within the grid and log many detected characteristics of each 'Pixel' within the space. It uses red light for optimal night vision preservation.

Anything that passes in front of the laser with significant enough mass will cause a visual disturbance in the pattern and trigger visual displays on the device. With enough mass, the anomaly will reflect back a different pattern, bowing the lines along the surface. All of this information combined with the collected sensor data will be an aid to someone with 3D modeling experience to draw a model of the entity or object.

4 Lighted Displays & Sound Alerts


The GS2 features four helpful displays for quickly and easily visualizing what's going on in the space. For aid in alerting us when we're not within visual range, a sound alert triggers to indicate movement and alert us to a presence.

Direction Arc
Defines direction of motion and temperature deviation using red and blue indicators for hot and cold.

Shape Display
Defines temperature changes in 64 points of the laser grid to define a shape and size based on red and blue indicators for hot a cold.

Distance Arc
Displays distance of an object in the center of the grid which changes color and size to easily identify how close it is. Distance changes are also coupled with a sound alert that changes to indicate range.

Detail Monitor
Displays more detail including arrows for direction of movement, baseline readings, current readings and event count with related distance and temperature. This monitor can be turned on/off as you prefer. Turn it on using the slider switch next to it for detailed monitoring or turn it off for faster performance of the other displays.

Motion, Distance and Direction

Our combination of thermal and distance sensors provide far more precise manner of detecting motion than your typical motion sensor. While most motion sensors simply alert to a presence of motion, the GS2 senses changes in the entire mapped area for determining where the motion occurs, what distance it is and what direction it is moving.

Temperature and Shape Mapping

Now we can detect temperature changes within the mapped area and tell what direction it is moving. Utilizing a 64-point thermal sensor the GS2 detects hot and cold spots which it displays in multiple ways to provide location, temperature deviation (hotter or colder) then compares this all with baseline readings to alert us to change. Because our sensor array is looking at the entire surface area we're also able to display the size and shape of the anomaly on the center LED display. This shape is presented on the Shape Display in red or blue to indicate if it's hotter or colder than baseline.


Baseline Readings

Gathering baselines are important to proper investigation documentation. The first function upon turning on the GS2 is an initial period for baseline readings. It scans and collects sample readings from each Pixel within the laser grid including surface temperature and distance. Characteristics from this initial baseline scan is immediately stored in memory for comparison later which is where all of the calculations for future changes is gathered. A summary of the baseline readings is displayed on the detail screen.


Event Counter and Detail

Wouldn't you like to know how many times a presence entered the room while you're gone? The GS2 provides this and more. This 'Event Counter' determines and displays a total count of occurrences since it was turned on. This is especially helpful for noting if something happened in a room while you were not there. Simply take note of the number before leaving. If that number is higher when you return, something entered the space while you were away. The Event display also details the last Event with distance and temperature deviation, "Hot" or "Cold".

How to use the GS2
Just place the laser grid in an area projecting onto a solid surface. You can set the size of the grid based on the distance to the wall or surface. For best results, set it next to a video camera for documentation. Once you turn it on, it will allow you time to step away out of the projected area. Ensure the device is solid and no moving objects are within the field of view. Once this period is over it will conduct a quick baseline scan of the area for later use. It will then begin alerting to changes in the environment using the 4 displays and sound alerts. To reset the baseline simply turn the device off and back on again. You can choose to use the Detail Monitor or not at any time based on your preferences using the slide switch next to it.

While scanning, watch for any changes on the displays or sound alerts. If in use, the Detail Monitor will provide immediate detailed readings.

This unit includes an on/off toggle switch for power and another for independent use of the monitor. The unit is rechargeable via a standard USB cable and has a metal tripod mount on the bottom for setting on any standard tripod. When storing, make sure to attach the included sensor protection cap. This snaps on and off easily to protect the precision sensors when not in use.  




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