Ghost Hunter Kit #2

Ghost Hunter Kit #2


This kit included many of the basic pieces of equipment need to get started doing paranormal investigations. Good for beginners!

This kit includes:

ELF Zone EMF Meter - A great EMF meter that's simple to use and perfect for beginners

Live Listening Digital Recorder - Used for attempting to record spirit voices (EVPs) as well as taking notes. Listen to what's being recorded as it happens so you can hear any recorded voices right away.

Non Contact Thermometer - Used to check areas for unexplainable cold spots and temperature changes.

Equipment Case - This is our small equipment case with pluckable foam insert so you can make custom spaces inside for each piece of equipment.

Ear Buds - To use with the recorder to listen to your recording sessions live.

model and color of thermometer, earbuds and digital recorder may differ than those pictured but the features of each will be the same.


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