Flux 2 Response Device

Flux 2 Response Device

Communicate with spirits? Ask your questions...See the answers...and More!
The Flux2 responds clearly when you ask a question by lighting up as either Red or Green lights and also with a tone that indicates an answer to your question. You ask the questions and use the lights and tones as your answer key. A simple example is you can ask the spirit to light up green for yes and red for no. The answers will be very clear, visual and audible! Use it as a trigger prop and put object near it to see if you can get some interaction. One example of this is to put tobacco nest to the green light side and put a cigar on the red light side. Now ask which the spirit prefers. You can get a definite answer and the possibilities are endless.More samples of simple questions you can ask:
	Yes / No
	Good / Bad
	Male / Female
	One / Many
	Light / Dark
	Left / Right

Adjust the area coverage: 
You can now set the area you are covering for each session and location. You can set the area to be just right around the Flux and talk to the spirits nearby or you can set the coverage area to be up to 7ft to speak with more spirits in a larger area.Detect Changes in the Environment:
 The Flux 2 paranormal communication device uses multiple environmental sensors to determine a responses based on location of motion, distance and temperature changes. It includes two highly sensitive infrared laser motion and distance sensors. These sensors provide quick and precise measurements of movement and distance. Also there is an ambient thermometer probe which reads the air temperature around the device. 	NEW Light and sound indicators to help determine distance
	NEW Zone selection to adjust sensitivity area
	Sound alerts with scaling tones for clear audible indicators
	Multiple environmental sensors for easy interaction
	Precise motion and distance detection on 2 sides
	Zone adjustment to set area of influence
	Temperature detection
	Color-changing lights to for indication and responses
	Rechargeable long-life battery with USB charger
	Battery life is 10+ hours on a single charge
	Size: 4"w x 3"h x 2"d

N OTE: The first 10 SECONDS while both lights are flashing allows you to set the Zone.
 Turn the device ON by turning the red adjustment knob clockwise. Flux will begin flashing on both sides.Set the ZONE by turning the red adjustment knob left or right. Both lights will flash a color to indicate the Zone.Zone 1 (Green) = up to 1 foot distanceZone 2 (Yellow) = up to 2 feetZone 3 (Red) = up to 4 feetZone 4 (Purple) = up to 7 feet (max)After 10 SECONDS both lights will flash white and beep to indicate it is ready.Set Flux down and step out of the Zone area to allow Flux to investigate and begin alerting.You can reset the Zone at any time by turning the red adjustment knob again. Setup TipsStay out of the Zone. Motion and distance sensors on each side of the device alert to motion in the area. With that, you want to ensure you and your teammates remain out of the Zone or 'area of influence'. This is why we have included the ability to set the distance (or Zone) at which Flux interacts.Set it on a solid surface. Naturally, with motion sensing being a key function of this device, movement will set it off. Make sure the surface is sturdy.ResponsesBlue pulsing lights = Flux is scanning for changes (no changes present)Green with scaling short low tone = motion on the left side of the deviceRed with scaling short high tone = motion on right side of the deviceGreen with long high tone = temperature dropRed with long low tone = temperature riseResponse lights will remain on for 20 seconds to indicate that a response has recently taken place. This is in case you do not see the initial response. This will reset after 20 seconds unless it is interrupted again. Directions for ChargingUsing the USB cable provided, plug it into any USB or AC outlet (with the provided AC/USB adapter) to begin charging.Red light near the USB port = ChargingGreen light near the USB port = Fully ChargedA fully-charged battery will last over 10 hours.Charging to will take about 1 hourFlux device can be used while it's charging for unlimited use via wall outlet adapter or USB battery pack. A USB battery pack is handy so you can use the device and continue charging all while being completely mobile. 

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