Electric Light Dowsing Rods ver 2.0

Electric Light Dowsing Rods ver 2.0


The Electric Light Dowsing Rods Version 2.0 produce 4 amazing, neon colors: Blue, Green, Pink and Red !


Each rod is powered by a single, AAA battery (included) which lasts approximately 15 hours. The control switch button is located on the top of the power supply and is illuminated when turned on.  Clicking the button will cycle through the 4 colors and holding it for 2 seconds will shut it off at any time.


•For carrying, protection and transportation, each set of Electric Light Dowsing Rods comes with an EL Scabbard. The full-length, ergonomically designed scabbard is made from durable PVC tubing and has a 3” carabiner which can be conveniently clipped to your belt loop.

•Electric Light Dowsing Rods ver 2.0 are handcrafted and custom made per order. Once you receive your rods, you will have a 9 month warranty on parts and labor after you return the completed registration card within 30 days. Due to being handmade, slight variations in build and color may occur. The rods are not returnable unless defective.


"The idea of ELDR ver 2.0 slowly emerged as we, (NCPD LLC), got feedback from our valuable customers who were asking which neon color they should purchase.  In addition, they also asked if I could create a Red color because that light interferes less with other camera equipment used in paranormal investigations.  I could not answer those questions, but this sparked my imagination as to how I could improve my existing design of the ELDR.  My quest was to design a dowsing rod which could display my most popular colors of Blue, Green and Pink in addition adding the color Red.  After months of design and prototyping, I am extremely happy to announce the release of ELDR ver 2.0.  Now you can have fun with the spirits and ask them which of the four colors they would like to interact with.  You can also select two different colors when dowsing and ask the spirits to pick one color for the answer YES and the other for NO.  One click on the power button located on the top of the power supply will cycle through the colors and holding it down for 2 seconds will shut it off at any time.  These are well crafted dowsing rods and we hope you enjoy using them as much as we do! Feedback is always welcome and appreciated. Thanks! " - North Canton Paranormal Detectives LLC.

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