EDI Plus Multi-Meter & Data Logger

EDI Plus Multi-Meter & Data Logger


EMF - Temp - Pressure - Humidity - Vibration - Data-Logging

Technical Specs:


-Low frequency down to 10 hz

-Accurate milligaus readings from 0-12mg

-Single Axis

-Indicator lights start dim response at approximately 1 milligauss and light sequentialy at various strengths up to 12mg

-Speaker responds at approximately 3 milligauss

Vibration Sensor

-3 axis accelerometer with high pass filtered output to measure changes in acceleration in the +- 2g range

-Five indicator LEDs will set off in increasing intensity between 0.0244G - 0.122G


-Accurate to +-1 C from 0-65 C with 0.1 C resolution

-Alarms LEDs sensitive to +-0.1 F change in < 0.5 seconds

Data Logging & EDI-Graph App

All sensor data can be recorded to an SD card. Once per second the min/max values of each sensor is calculated and saved to a log file on the SD card

-Data is logged in .CSV format

-Application Requirements: PC with Windows


-Accurate to +- 3 %RH in 20 - 80 %RH range with 0.1%RH resolution

Alarm LEDs sensitive to +- 3%RH change in < 0.5 seconds


Accurate to +- 1.0hPa in 300 - 1000 hPa range with 0.1 hPa resolution

-Alarm LEDs sensitive to +- 0.15 hPa change in < 0.5 seconds

-Alarm LEDs sensitive to +- 0.15 hPa change in < 0.5 seconds


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