BooBuddy Jr. Ghost EMF Trigger Bear*

BooBuddy Jr. Ghost EMF Trigger Bear*

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This little fellow is a great trigger prop using built in EMF detection. The is a theory that familiar objects will get more responses from from spirits. That theory seems to work for us whenever we use a prop that is something any spirit many easily recognize.

New design as of December 2018
Detects energy (EMF) changes and responds with lights in the arms when spikes arise
All electronics are completely hidden from view within the doll

How to use BooBuddy Junior on your investigations
Put the bear in any area you think would be a good spot to try to contact a spirit. Once you've set it up you can start asking questions and see if you get a response. If you have a video camera and/or voice recorder you want to record the session so you have the evidence of any response and/or get some EVPs as well. Watch for the paws to light up indicating a spike in EMF energy.



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