Basic Full Spectrum Camera Kit

Basic Full Spectrum Camera Kit


This is a great camera set up for beginners as well as seasoned investigators. Full-spectrum cameras are modified so that they can now see in the UV, visible light and infrared light spectrums. Most of the anomalies that are captured are in the infrared or deep infrared range. A full-spectrum camera along with a infrared light allows you to take pictures and video in infrared and in total darkness.

* Digital Camera features a 16.15MP 1/2.3" CCD sensor to produce high-resolution photographs and HD 720p/30 video along with a sensitivity range of ISO 80-1600 to suit working in a variety of conditions. Model number may vary depending on availability.
* This is a great night vision, infrared (IR) illuminator. It attaches to any camcorder, camera or tripod or can be handheld with it's flexible mounting system. Though one of the most compact on the market, this light utilizes just 4 high power LED lights it packs a surprisingly powerful punch! Don't let the size fool you.
* Heavy Duty L-bracket designed to hold the camera vertically. It has 2 standard shoe mounts, allowing two units of any type of light or flash to be mounted. A flash bracket allows you to move your external flash away from the camera for better lighting.

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