Refund Policy For Paranologies Equipment

We are one of the two authorized retailers of Paranologies equipment.  We love their stuff and we use it on every single public investigation, other events and our own group's private investigations so we really believe in them.   The following is the policy directly from Paranologies and it applies no matter where you purchase their items.  They want everyone to be aware of their policies.  Their items are built completely from scratch.  The cases are printed on 3rd printers and they the exlectronics are added and its tested.  You are getting something built specifically for you and its worth the wait.

From Paranologies: "All of our items are custom handmade and built within the shipping time frame ordered. Custom items take time to build. Currently we are an estimated 4 - 6 week delivery time for products. Due to the custom nature of our business please make sure you absolutely love the item you are purchasing. We do not offer refunds... We do have a lifetime warranty and offer exchanges for products at our discretion."

If you need a Paranologies item sooner just ask us and we will find out if it can be expedited for you.  Depending on volume or orders, they can often get something out by a date certain.   We can do that for most of the produycts we carry.

If we did not stand behind their equipment and use it regularly we would not sell it.   Only about 1% of our total orders each year are defective which is incredibly low.  Of that percentage, all items were replaced.  

Dave and Michelle Juliano

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