Wide Angle Infrared Light*

Wide Angle Infrared Light*

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Creepy Hollow newest IR light innovation. This infrared, night vision illuminator provides smooth, balanced light in a wide area for superior quality video and photos. It was built to more properly light small rooms or large, open areas eliminating the 'spot' effect which is more helpful for distance in narrow halls and outdoors.
Why use wide-angle IR?
Good evidence is a result of using the right tool for the job. Some situations might require a spot light offering long distance in a narrow space like a hallway. See our IR spot light here. Other times it is best suited to use a flood light with a wide field of view in order to light a small room or open space. This is where a wide-angle IR light comes in very handy.
Small yet powerful - even in large rooms.
Though one of the most compact on the market, this light utilizes just 4 high power LED lights and packs a surprisingly powerful punch! Why only 4? Because more LEDs does not equate to more light and, with our process, we're able to project just the right amount of light needed.
It includes a dual purpose shoe mount with female tripod mount on the bottom for mounting. It uses one 9v battery with an exposed compartment for easy swaps in the dark. But, because it lasts for over 10 hours on one battery, swapping batteries mid-investigation may be a thing of the past.

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