Vocorder - Dual Digital Recording EVP machine

Vocorder - Dual Digital Recording EVP machine

  • New type of digital recorder built just for paranormal investigation in mind.
  • It has several modes and 2 types of digital recorders built into this unique pod style digital recorder.
  • One recorder to record the Live Evp's and to play them back with its own separate microphones, and a second recorder to record continuously also with its own separate microphone all built into one unit.
  • Three microphones all listening for EVP's at different frequencies.
First it has VOX mode, which stands for voice operated switch.
If it hears a voice or noise within the
selected range of the VOX knob it will start
recording immediately for 5 seconds, then
play it back for 5 seconds on the loudspeaker. The VOX system is so sensitive it can be triggered with a whisper. The VOX is fully adjustable with a volume knob labeled VOX. This is good if you have a running appliance etc and it keeps triggering the Vocorder. You can simply dial out the frequency of the appliance and keep recording.
18 HZ to 25KZ frequency response. The low and high end of these frequencies cannot be heard by the human ear. The Vocorder is programmed to listen and alert such frequencies. It does this by triggering the recorder and the built in LED light on the top of the unit when it hears these frequencies. If you see the LED light on top come on, this means it has detected a noise and is recording.
Another mode is loop mode, which when selected by the push button, will record for 5 seconds and play the 5 second recording back immediately to you on the loudspeaker and it will do this continuously until you switch it to another mode. This is good if you are doing other work such as checking for energy readings (EMF sweep ETC) and still have a free hand so you can listen live to see if you have any EVP activity in a room. If you dont have activity, you simply pick the Vocorder up and move it into another room until you get responses. The unit is so loud you can hear the responses from another room. Its intended to be a Pod style recorder and not to be held, although if you choose to hold it just make sure you are still as the microphone is so sensitive it will pick up your breathing.
All of the modes are done through the first on-board recorder which has its own microphone that is tuned from infrasound to Ultrasound. Since we cannot hear this high or low in the sound frequency spectrum the Led indicator on the top of the unit will let us know when it has detected it and start recording.
The continuous on-board digital recorder is setup to record continuously up to 8 hours so nothing will be missed. It will record your questions and the responses recorded from the Vocorder. Whats good about this is when you load the recordings into the computer via the included usb cable, you will see the Vocoders responses because the waveform peaks will be higher as they are louder since they are broadcasted from the loudspeaker. This is good for review as it will be easy to see the EVP's visually on the screen if you load it into a program such as audacity. The Continuous recorder has its own internal battery and charging/usb cable.
Unit runs off 4 x AA batteries.
Includes the following-
-Vocorder Pod with 2 external microphones, 1 internal microphone with 2 x digital internal recorders all built to completion with the on-board loudspeaker and amplifier.
-1 x USB cable


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