Tricam - Triple Panoramic Handheld DVR

Tricam - Triple Panoramic Handheld DVR


Paranologies Tri-Cam  - This is the Camera that does it all for Paranormal  Investigation!


Handheld Panoramic DVR recorder with 3 Camera's, 2 microphones, and 2 widescreen lcd screens that record all to an SD card (up to 32 gb not included).

With the Panoramic Camera Design, you can easily keep everyone in frame.. including yourself as it has a camera on the operator as well, to help solidify the legitimacy of an Evp. 
Records separate audio channels, which can be useful in capturing EVP's (Electronic Voice Phenomenon). 

180 Degrees of 1250TVL Footage without the use of Wide Angle lenses.
 Two LCD screens molded in for real-time display which adds up to be 10" of live viewing with on / off switch so you can turn off the screen and investigate without blinding out the room. 

Built in Paranologies Afterlight Illuminator night vision light, to Prevent the common IR Circle in most footage of IR Camera's. Very clean footage. 

2 Forward Facing HD IR/UV Camera's with microphones, 1 Camera Facing the User so you can show that everyone is in frame if something out of the ordinary is captured.

Comes with rechargeable batteries and a 15 min high speed charger. 

Software is downloadable below. All footage can be viewed for review on the computer. You can review each individual camera or all 3 at once. 

With all screens and illuminator turned on you get about an hour of use with 8 x AA batteries. With screens off you will get about 2.5 hours. 

Ships with-
8 rechargeable AA Batteries (High Current).
15 min. charger for 4 AA's
Tri-Cam, cameras and microphones.
Software is downloadable here.


Tricam Demo Video


Tricam Software Instructional Video


DVR Specs-



Custom OS


NTSC/PAL (Auto detect)

Recording Mode



English, Portuguese

Time Date Format

(1) yyyy-mm-dd, (2) dd-mm-yyyy, (3) mm-dd-yyyy, 3 formats selectable by user

Channel Tittles

Enable to be renamed by user, 4 characters

Compression Format

Enhanced JPEG/MPEG-4 Like

(Dual mode recording)


4 In (CVBS)

1 Out (CVBS)

Display Resolution

720x480 @ NTSC

720x576 @ PAL

Display Frame Rate

30 fps @ NTSC /25 fps @ PAL (per channel)

Record Resolution

704x240 @ NTSC

704x288 @ PAL

Record Frame Rate

NTSC: 60 fps @ 704x240

PAL: 50 fps @ 704x288

Fast/Slow Playback


Motion Detection Record


Recording Quality

3 Levels adjustable

IR Remote Controller



4 In/ 1 Out

Alarm Input

4 sets of external triggering signal interface

Relay Output

1 Relay output

Event Recording

Post-event recording 5 seconds, Pre-event recording 2 seconds

Power In

12V DC

Power Out

12VDC, 4 output @ 200mA for internal accessory

12VDC, 4 channel @ 300mA/ea for external camera

Timer Battery

RTC Battery lasts for 30 days after power is off


Power (Red)/Recording (Green)

Firmware Upgrade

Yes,  through SD card or USB drive


Motion Detection




Peripheral setup

Buzzer setup/ Power switch


SD Interface

HDD SATA 3 1/2"

Yes, (SDHC support up to 64 GB)

Supports 80G to 500GB



Because this is a custom built order the company that builds them does NOT offer refunds for any reason. They have a lifetime warranty on parts and labor with the exception of cracked LCD screens. 

  • Availability for Special Order

    Usually Ships in  12 weeks  (Can Take Longer/ Covid19 related delays)