TOS Box - Create Trigger Props

TOS Box - Create Trigger Props


The TOS Box is designed to make any object a trigger object.   Trigger Props use familiar or personal items to attract a spirits attention and to get them to communicate.  You can bring items with you to use as trigger props or use items already at a location.    Objects like toys, tobacco, bottles, etc work well, use your imagination.    Glasses, watches, jewelry and other objects that are personal to a paricular spirit or unique to a location work very well.  

With metal objects, simply connect both gator clips to the metal object.
WIth non-metal objects, clip the gator clips together to form a circle and place the object in the middle of the circle you’ve created.

You now have an active trigger object for spirits to interact with. TOS Box will buzz and light up when something has connected with the trigger object.   


These are custom built by hand, not manufactured in a factory so they may be some signs of the hand made nature of the product.  Any imperfections will NOT affect how the unit works or how effective it is.  They are made by a paranormal investigator.  This is built to order

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