Thermal Tablet Camera Set

Thermal Tablet Camera Set

Thermal cameras are used in paranormal research so we can "see" temperature anomalies and changes. Years ago feeling cold spots was just a personal experience with no way to share it. , thermal cameras can record visual evidence to back up these claims. Apparitions and other anomalies have been captured outside of the ambient room temperature and documented with a thermal camera.
FLIR makes a great Thermal camera but can cost thousands of dollars. The budget Thermal cams on the market have a tiny screen and not much else. These problems have been solved on the new 7" Tablet Thermal Imager.

This set
includes a high quality 7" Android tablet, Mounting bracket with soft grip handle, a SEEK Thermal Imaging camera that attaches to the front of the unit, and a special extension cable.
Lightweight, and very effective, this unit will allow you to see temperature changes in total darkness or broad daylight.

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