The Unexplained: Hauntings

The Unexplained: Hauntings:(History Channel):
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Unexplained noises, objects flying across the room, and frightening messages scrawled on walls. Are these mysterious occurrences the work of spirits from the other world, or are they merely horrifying tricks of the mind?

In this chilling program from The History Channel meet several families who claim their homes have been the site of some very mysterious and terrifying activity. Find out how these people dealt with these disturbances – and learn of one case in which a family has spent years unsuccessfully trying to get away from the spirits they say haunt their everyday lives.

Interviews with psychologists, parapsychologists, and so-called “ghostbusters” offer up varying explanations for the strange happenings, while video footage of séances and photographs of supposed energy and even ghost-like countenances highlight the lengths people have gone to in order to solve the puzzle of these Hauntings.

Rating: Not Rated
Number of Discs: 1
Run Time: 50 minutes
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