The Portal

The Portal

Genuine PORTAL as developed by Steve Huff of Huff Paranormal.

Built to spec from Steve's strict requirements, these are Genuine Portal devices meant to be used with a spirit box, shack hack or app.
Mr. Huff just doesn't have the time it takes to build a PORTAL for everyone that wants one. And so, he has commissioned Gotcha Ghost to build each order for the individual customer.
The Portal was developed by Steve Huff of Huff Paranormal and was based on the Geobox Created by George Brown.
One main difference between the Portal and the GeoBox is that the Portal does not incorporate a sweeping radio signal. Instead, you can use the spirit box of your choice including apps via your smart phone. It is a device that enhances EVP on a scale previously unheard of. The Portal cleans, enhances, isolates, and, in my opinion, encourages EVP.
Use with Your Spirit Box, Shack Hack or APP!
Basically that choppy sound with loud white noise that you normally hear from a ghost box is eliminated by running it through the portal and it just leaves the voices themselves. Its the only way we do ghost box sessions now.

The Portal is comprised of an amplifier, a noise reducer and a reverb unit. The noise reducer acts like the squelch circuit on a two way radio; weeding out the noise and only allowing voices and certain sounds to come through. The reverb unit enhances the EVP and carries the signal farther so diction is much better.


  • ZT AmplifierNoise Killer Mini Pedal
  • Mini Reverb pedal
  • Copper winding "antenna"
  • All Required Cables & Wires
  • A/C Operation (USA and UK/AU voltage)
  • Single Knob Operation on each pedal


You can see Huff's video on the portal here

You can see us using it in the last two seasons of Ghost Detectives here

Your portal is built to order. 


PLEASE NOTE: Due to the experimental nature of this device, we do not accept returns. Repairs and Service are done by Gotcha Ghost.
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