St Martha / Mary Magdelene Medal

St Martha / Mary Magdelene Medal


Saint Martha medal that depicts the saint on the front holding an aspergillum and Saint Mary Magdalen on the reverse side.   Saint Martha is the patron of butlers, cooks, dieticians, domestic servants, homemakers, hotel-keepers, housemaids, housewives, innkeepers, laundry workers, servants, servers, single laywomen, travelers, and waitresses. Common symbols of St Martha include a dragon, a broom, ladle, keys, aspergillum, and a girdle.

Saint Mary Magdalen is the patron of apothecaries, contemplative life, converts, druggists, glove makers, hairdressers, hairstylists, penitent sinners, people ridiculed for their piety, perfumeries, perfumers, pharmacists, reformed prostitutes, sexual temptation, tanners, and women.


1" (25.4mm) long including the bail
5/8" (15.87mm) wide

Oxidized metal with jump ring

Made in Italy

Does not include a chain or box

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