Spectracles VR Style Headset

Spectracles VR Style Headset


Spectracles:  Augmented/Virtual Reality Style Ghost Hunting Headset


This is another Paranologies original design, The Spectracles augmented/virtual reality style ghost hunting headset. Copyright © 2020 Paranologies.

This headset was designed to bring a new way of investigating to the Paranormal world. By viewing exactly what you're recording, you can capture all your experiences and evidence as you see it in the real time. 

2 full spectrum of the ccd Full HD 1080P cameras, 1 Large afterlite illuminator, add the Phonopod wireless headphone system to hear EVP's or disembodied voices super clear and in stereo as an option. 

View your investigations live and in full 170 degrees of recorded hd clarity. Its a whole new experience and allows the user to have enhanced senses while investigating. The optional Phonopod headphone system is as equally enhanced as the video. Feels as though your eyes have night vision built in. Can hear whispering from up to 20' away with the optional Phonopod headphone system. Designed to keep objects in the goggles the same size as objects in real life. 

Hands free recording. Since the camera system is on your head you now have a free set of hands to hold equipment or a flashlight. 

The recordings from the unit are very unique and smooth. You no longer have to stare at a small screen in the dark to investigate. 

Fully adjustable headset. The goggles are fully adjustable to larger and smaller sized heads using a slide and setscrew to keep them in place. Built in headband keeps the unit from going side to side. Once the unit is adjusted to fit your head, you can remove and install the headset over and over without readjustment. Note: Do to the variation of head sizes, some foam may be required on smaller heads to fit properly. This foam is attached to the backside of the unit. We supply the foam. Not recommended for users that wear glasses.

Ships with- 2 Cameras, 2 in goggle screens, 1 Large afterlite©  illuminator, all built into one unit. 


Takes 8 x AA batteries in the rear of the unit and 4 x AA batteries in the front of the unit. It is highly recommended to use high current rechargeable batteries and charger available here. With rechargeable batteries the unit will last about 4-5 hours of constant record time.  


Video record format: M-JPEG ,AVC1
File format: Video: AVI; Photo: JPEG

Video save interval: 3 min/5 min/10min 

Supports upto 32 gig micro sd card. 


Watch video for more information. 


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