Selenite with Kyanite pendant

Selenite with Kyanite pendant


Selenite pendant with a piece of Kyanite down the front. Super energy healing pendant.


Selenite emanates high vibrational energies throughout the day. Selenite has so many great benefits packed into this powerful piece.  Keep your chakras clean and clear wearing this.   Selenite is a calming stone that provides you with deep peace. It is an awesome protection stone.  It can help keep your energy clear, clean and open.


Blue Kyanite  is a powerful healing crystals with a high vibration and a passive ability of not needing to be cleansed. This stone does not absorb any negative energies.  Its great for Reiki or energy healers.   It works with the third eye chakra stone and the throat chakra.Their energy will open the throat chakra, creating better communication and self expression.  It may also help with dream recall and help to bring healing dreams.


  • Each piece is unique in size and shape with silver toned hardware.  Approximately 1"
  • Pendant with silver toned hardware 
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    Usually Ships in 24 to 72 hours