Raudive Diode

Raudive Diode


Plug the raudive mic into your audio recorder and let it do its work.    It replaces the microphone so there is no outside interference.   Any audio you record did not get on your device via microphone or normal methods  . This has become known as a 'Raudive Diode'.  Konstantin Raudive, a pioneer in EVP and ITC research, made recordings using a 'Raudive Diode' receiver connected to the microphone socket of a tape recorder. During the recording session he asked questions, encouraging the dead to communicate with him. On playing back the tape, voices were heard on the recording. These became known as 'Raudive Voices'. His work was published in his 1971 book 'Breakthrough'. 


These are custom built by hand, not manufactured in a factory so they may be some signs of the hand made nature of the product.  Any imperfections will NOT affect how the unit works or how effective it is.  They are made by a paranormal investigator.  This is built to order


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