This is the custom made communication device that has produced amazing results for spirit communication and is now available to the public in a smaller handheld version. 


Like a traditional spirit/ghost box, the Polterpod sweeps through radio stations, however this is the first box ever to do a motorized sweep, the original in ghost box robotics. The motorized sweep speed can be controlled with very fine adjustments to your liking, or the motorized sweep can be turned off and you can manual sweep the Polterpods dial.


The Polterpod is the newest wave of the Poltercom family. The Polterpod is an all in one, compact spirit pod that gets great communication using manual sweep or auto sweep.


The Polterpod knob has two modes by pushing or pulling the knob and down.


-large two mode knob in the down position allows the user to communicate turning the dial back and forth to get intelligent responses using your own tuning method.

-large two mode knob in the up position allows the user to communicate hands free while the Polterpod auto sweeps back and forth. By turning the knob in this mode it will either speed up or slow down the sweep speed. 

-Unit has a momentary mute button to allow you to ask a question on silence then release to hear a response. 

-Very simple to use, just turn the unit on and the Polterpod is ready to use, no need to adjust volume or am/fm bands. Fm is used for the Polterpod and the Volume is already preset so all you have to do is set your sweep speed. 

-Uses four AA batteries (not included) that last about 6 hours.



Watch the video below for more information

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