Poltercom Progeny Intelligent ITC Spirit/Ghost Box

Poltercom Progeny Intelligent ITC Spirit/Ghost Box


This is the custom made communication device that has produced amazing results for spirit communication and is now available to the public in a smaller handheld version.

Like a traditional spirit/ghost box, the Poltercom sweeps through radio stations, however this is the first box ever to do a motorized sweep, the original in ghost box robotics. The motorized sweep speed can be controlled with very fine adjustments to your liking, or the motorized sweep can be turned off and you can manual sweep the Poltercom's dial. The Poltercom also sweeps through the stations back and forth not just in one direction.

The standard version of the Poltercom Progeny will come with the following.

-Replicated Bronze Look

-Manual Sweep

-Motorized Sweep

-Adjustable Sweep rate

-Volume with Simple Echo Processor

-Extended antenna for better reception

-1 x Speaker, with Digital Amplifier

-Output jack with volume control for digital recorder. (Digital recorder not included)

-Talkover button so you can mute the speaker and ask a question.

More information-

The Poltercom is 3d printed with simulated Copper filament. It takes over 15 hours to print and 10 hours to put together. The Progeny takes anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months to ship after payment and is built to order. If you are in a hurry please let us know and there is a rush shipping option which guarantees the Progeny to ship within 7 business days.

The unit hold 8 AA batteries (Not included). Rechargeable batteries are recommended


Progeny Instructional  Video


Progeny on Paranormal Lockdown


Progeny Information Video



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