Poltercom PICO handheld random sweep ghost box

Poltercom PICO handheld random sweep ghost box


This is the custom made communication device that has produced amazing results for spirit communication and is now available to the public in a very small handheld version.

Like a traditional spirit/ghost box, the PICO sweeps through radio stations, however this is the first line of spirit boxes ever to do a random sweep using an analog radio and an intelligent motor. A random code we created controls the sweeping of the channels on the radio. By taking measurements of surrounding environmental readings, the on board computer then takes those readings and changes the code that controls the sweep speed. The PICO never gets boring as you never know what it will produce.

The Pico has a volume control, am/fm switch and a line out so you can use on any processor or portal. The Pico does not need an external speaker as it is loud enough for everyone in a room to hear clearly.
Random sweep speed and direction. The randomization code we have written controls the PICO based off internal sensors taking measurements from outside the unit. After it takes a measurement it will randomly change stations by speeding up, slowing down, turning right turning left and everything in between.
Turn the PICO on with the switch on the rear and listen to the communication, its that easy.
-Uses four AA batteries (not included) that last about 6 hours.


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