MC MIC &, MC EMF  (EVP Microphone, EMF Microphone)

MC MIC &, MC EMF (EVP Microphone, EMF Microphone)

Is there a correlation with EVP and Electromagnetic Fields? DO EVPs contain EMF? Will EMF draw in spirits to communicate?

"The MC Mic has 3 colored LEDs which produce seven selectable colors and a Electre Condenser Microphone built into the tip. I designed it to look like a microphone and be easily identified by the spirits. When doing an EVP session, I select a color, plug the MC Mic into my digital recorder and then tell the spirits to shout their answers into the colored spirit voice recorder. I invented the MC EMF microphone/speaker which is an inductor microphone used for recording electromagnetic frequencies and when plugged into the ear jack will broadcast your pre recorded questions in EMF. My question for the paranormal research community is: Do EVPs contain an EMF component? Another more in depth question I have is: Can spirits hear broadcasted EMF and in turn respond back in EMF. I have supplied an experiment schematic layout" - Jeff Eastman - NCPD LLC

Specifications for the MC Mic: Used for recording voice or EVPs. (Electronic Voice Phenomena), 0.382” dia Electre Condenser Microphone, 50 Hz to 16K Hz, -47dB sensitivity
Specifications for the MC EMF: Used for recording Electromagnetic Frequency (converts to sound), Inductance 100mH, Current rating 20mA,
Specifications for the housing which is common to both the MC Mic and MC EMF: Red, Blue and Green LEDs which produce the following selectable colors: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Aqua, Pink, White and Color Changing., Includes 3, AG13 batteries that are replaceable, Glow duration is approximately 20 hrs depending upon the setting, 4.5” length X 0.6” dia., Serial Numbered
The Splitter Connector is provided free when both the MC Mic and MC EMF are purchased together. Specifications for the splitter: 3.5 mm Stereo Jack, (2) 3.5 mm female connectors, Right and Left lines are separated, Serial Numbered
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