Lighted EL Dowsing Rods Mini

Lighted EL Dowsing Rods Mini


Electric Light Dowsing Rods Mini 7" versions!
New, Solid Copper, Precision Ball Bearing, Handcrafted
They add a whole new dimension for dowsing on investigations!
Great for Spirit Communication in The Dark!

The Electric Light (EL) Dowsing Rods were designed by a paranormal researcher who is also a mechanical engineer. The electrically produced neon light allows you and others to see rod movement in total darkness. The precision ball bearings in the handles provide exceptionally smooth movement. The C110 solid copper rods are of the highest quality. These are well crafted dowsing rods built by hand.


  • Latest Technology! These high quality, handcrafted, made in the USA, Electric Light Dowsing Rods are made from ⅛” dia, C110 H04 full hard, solid copper rods, The 3.5” length handles are made from ½” dia polished aluminum - each housing 2 precision ball bearings which allow for smooth, 360 degree rotation. For your safety, each rod has a protective tip.
  • The Electric Light Dowsing Rods -mini are available in Neon Blue and Neon Green. Each rod is powered by two, LR44 batteries (included) which lasts approximately 4 hours. The control button on the top provides OFF-BLINK-ON settings. A small amount of EMF is emitted from the power supply itself which could provide extra energy for spirit communication.
  • For carrying, protection and transportation, each set of ELDR- mini’s comes with a black pouch that is 9”x 5” and made from durable canvas material. A 2.5” carabiner is provided which conveniently clips the pouch to your belt loop.
  • Electric Light Dowsing Rods are handcrafted and custom made per order. Effort will be given to filling your order quickly, but not at the expense of rod quality. Please allow two business days to fabricate your order prior to shipping. Once you receive your rods, you will have a 9 month warranty on parts and labor after you return the completed registration card within 30 days. Due to being handmade, slight variations in build and color may occur. The rods are not returnable unless defective.


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