GoldenEye Version Motion Sensor

GoldenEye Version Motion Sensor


This GoldenEye Edition motion sensor will detect motion within 5 feet.    The lights are bright and  buzzer is loud.


Passive Infrared Motion Detectors are a useful tool for ghosthunters. They work great when left in a room during the time when no investigator is present. We have had them go off in rooms where no activity has been reported and upon further investigation, we found much evidence of spirit activity in the area. The motion detectors used by paranormal investigators Do NOT project an infrared beam.


They detect or receive the infrared heat signature off of anything that is above absolute zero. If the sensor detects movement in an area where there was nothing visible, the sensor has picked up something invisible to the naked eye that is giving off an IR heat signature. When monitor or chime mode, the alarm will chimes to announce visitors and then stop. When it is switched to alarm mode, it will sound a siren when it detects motion up to 30ft away and continue to sound the alarm until it is turned off. We always use the alarms in chime mode. The models may vary and which model you receive may vary depending upon which is available to us at the time of your order. We have used all of these alarms many times and have gotten excellent results with each of them.



These are custom built by hand, not manufactured in a factory so they may be some signs of the hand made nature of the product.   Any imperfections will NOT affect how the unit works or how effective it is.   They are made by a paranormal investigator

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