Ghost Rig 3 in 1 Device (REM, Motion, Static)

Ghost Rig 3 in 1 Device (REM, Motion, Static)


The Ghost Rig is a 3 in 1 device equipped with:


  • REM detection (similar to a REM-Pod), creates a magnetic field around the box.  When somethign with energy or made of energy comes near or in contact with the box there are visual/audio alerts
  • Static detector - Spirits seem to be able to manipulate static charges possibly due to they are low amount sof energy involved. Objects moving in the air also can cause and build a static charge.
  • Motion detector - This will alert when the sensor detects movement in an area where there is nothing visible. The sensor has picked up something invisible to the naked eye that is giving off an IR heat signature.


Powered by 3 - 9 volt batteries. Use the pistol grip to hold it or use the tripod to set it down. This box is hand sanded and stained and weights approximately 2-3 lbs. very light weight.


These are custom built by hand, not manufactured in a factory so they may be some signs of the hand made nature of the product.  Any imperfections will NOT affect how the unit works or how effective it is.  They are made by a paranormal investigator.  This is built to order

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