Dual Full Spectrum Night Vision Camcorder

Dual Full Spectrum Night Vision Camcorder


Dual-Mode Full Spectrum & Night Vision Video Camera

A ghost hunting camcorder like no other. This HD video camera allows you the ability to film in full spectrum or infrared night vision with the same camcorder. It even has a built-in IR light when in night vision mode. It's like having two video cameras in one plus a light. This compact camcorder features 1080p High Definition video and still photos with some handy features you'll find helpful on investigations. Night vision video and photos are in black and white.

Video and Photo modes
Full Spectrum and Infrared Night Vision modes
Built-in IR light + hotshoe mount for additional lights
16x powerful zoom
Motion detection, face detection and slow motion
Color display folds away and swivels
Rechargeable battery records while charging for unlimited use


NOTE: We highly recommend additional lighting for this camcorder to take full advantage of the Full Spectrum Mode for a higher quality picture and greater distance.   Our other IR lights will work with this camcorder. 


This camcorder may not be suitable for everyday use such as family gathering and sporting events as the hardware modifications to the unit make the picture constantly a 'pinkish' hue in the default full spectrum mode in the daylight or black and white in night vision mode.



1080p full HD video output
Video Resolution: 1080p (1920x1080) and 720p (1280x720)
Photo Resolution: 36MP (6720x3780)
Image Sensor: 8MP CMOS
Digital Zoom: 16X
3.0" touch screen LCD
File formats: JPEG and AVI
Focal Distance: f = 7.36mm (fixed)
Aperture: f = 3.2
Tripod mountable
Microphone input
SD card slot takes up to 128GB cards (class 10 recommended)
Built-in infrared night vision turns on when in Night Vision mode only (additional lights are recommended)
Full Spectrum Mode is the default Mode - additional lighting may be required to take advantage of full spectrum capabilities
Motion detection
Slow motion playback
Face detection
Remote control for various functions remotely
Hotshoe mount on the top of the camera allows for mounting additional lights and accessories
Rechargeable Battery Pack
Records while also charging battery for extended use
HDMI video output for use with a monitor or streaming/webcam

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