Cell Sensor EMF meter

Cell Sensor EMF meter

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The meter features both cell phone frequency RF measurement as well as a single axis ELF gaussmeter. The gaussmeter feature is calibrated around 50/60 Hz and also offers 2 scales: 0-5 and 0-50 mG.


Remote probe with 2 foot extension cord allows user great flexibility and reach.  It allows you to take readings down stair cases, in openings in walls, underneath beds, the list is endless.   


Both RF and gaussmeter provide audio sound and large flashing light which corresponds to field strength so you can hear and see in the dark when you are getting a positive reading.   The audible alarm can be turned down but we recommend using it so you dont have to be watching the meter all the time.   We use them in other room we are not in so that we will kno when something is happening in that room.   


It includes complete documentation on how to conduct proper measurements.

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