Anomaly/Shadow Handheld DVR Camera

Anomaly/Shadow Handheld DVR Camera


It can be a hard task to present a piece of video footage and show it as something possibly Paranormal. With the Anomaly Cam, you can show a piece of footage with more confidence due to the configuration of the 2 cameras on board. One example would be trying to prove if an anomaly captured on video was emitting its own light source. With Ir cameras this can be tough with the IR light flooding the room and illuminating all types of dust and bugs. With this camera one side is in the IR spectrum and the other is in the Visible light spectrum that only humans can see. Therefore if you are in complete darkness and you have captured a true Paranormal anomaly, then it should show up on both cameras. This is the first camera invented for Paranormal investigations in mind that captures this type of evidence.

-Distinguish Shadow's from IR Reflection

-Distinguish Dust/Bugs from Anomaly's
-Dual Camera Split screen(cam 1 Full Spec, cam2 Visible Spec)
-2.7" Split LCD Screen for viewing both camera's live.
-Sd card Dvr with audio and video (a 16 GB SD card will give you 4 hours of recording)
-Splits recordings into 2 minute segments for ease of review. Can be useful to find events quickly, and the video file opens faster.
-5" x 3" and weighs 6 oz.
- When footage is downloaded both cameras are in the same frame, no software needed.
Powered off 8 x AA Batteries for long life.
- Full Spectrum Wide angle night vision on one, Human spectrum Narrow angle on the other.


1. Display: 2.7", 16:9 TFT LCD Screen
2. Video Resolution: VGA (1280 x 480
3. Video Format: AVI
4. Memory Card: TF Card Up to 32GB
5. Video output


Built to order


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