AFTERLITES© Infrared Illuminators

AFTERLITES© Infrared Illuminators

True 180 Degree's of light, no more circles in footage. Only one of its kind! If you see another it is a copy. Paranologies Pioneered the round illuminators in order to bring you the best quality possible for your investigations. The Patented Spherical vaulted domes will eliminate those circle halo's you see in a lot of night vision footage. Since 2005 the Afterlite illuminators have innovated the paranormal field to bring you high quality footage with over 180 degrees of Infrared light.
  • led's are mounted to a custom molded curved sphere for light dispersion by design.
  • Other illuminator's focus on brightness which end up blinding the room out, and have no concern for quality of footage.
  • Intended for Indoor use for full coverage of an area measuring 25' - 50' squared for the small Afterlites, and 50' - 125' for the large Afterlites.
  • The small Afterlite has 50 x Infrared led's inside.
  • The Large Afterlite has 100 x Infrared led's inside.
  • This amazing Illuminator is a must see and increases night vision footage quality.
  • Work's off 4 x AA's(not Included small Afterlite)8 X AA's (not included large Afterlite)
  • Has a stand (To mount on desk or table), and tripod mount(tripod screw on bottom of stand)
  • Illuminates the entire room not just a focal point
  • Great for investigations where you need extra Infrared light to cover a large room.


Usually Delivered in 1 to 2 weeks

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    Usually Delivered in 4 to 6 weeks  (Can Take Longer/ Covid19 related delays)


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