360 Parascope Plasma (360 degree Triboelectric Field Meter)

360 Parascope Plasma (360 degree Triboelectric Field Meter)

The Plasma Version has 3 modes, can be used as a traditional 360 Parascope, or you can turn the Plasma disk on Sensor mode to work in conjunction with the Parascope and to detect sound and touch. Finally, the ON mode is to charge the atmosphere and puts out a constant static electricity field.

The original custom built Triboelectric field meter ever introduced in the Paranormal field that visually follows static electricity fields horizontally, allowing you to be informed of the direction the field is traveling. The unit visually alerts you using Green, Yellow, and red lights so you can see which side it travels from and the colors can be used for questions during evp sessions.
Static fields are natural dc electric fields that can be present on an object or a human. They can exist in the air especially during a thunderstorm. Static fields are different from magnetic fields which most meters in the Paranormal field pick up. Magnetic fields are used widely throughout today's technology and therefore can make a meter false. Since the Parascope detects static fields, it is less likely to create a false positive.


Tailored for paranormal investigations to detect static fields we cannot see. Static fields can be detected by a human when the hair is lifted up from one's arm during an investigation or when you touch a person and it sparks.


Ambient blue light to detect the unit in the dark.
Work's off 4 AA Batteries


Watch A video to see the Parascope 360 Plasma at work



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