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Green Laser Grid Green Laser Grid

WOW this is SO Bright!
This high powered laser emits a grid of green dots useful for detecting shadows, unseen anomalies moving across an area or general visual disturbances during an investigation. Set it in front of a running camera to catch potential evidence.
Max Output: <= 5000mW Wave Length: 532nm (the old old laser grids were 5mW to 50 mW compare to the new 5000+ mW)

Range in excess of 6,000 ft
Power saving, compact and reliable
Power by 1x 18650 Battery
Battery Charger : Suitable for 16340 / 18650 Li-ion

Package include:
1 x Laser Pointer
1 x Charger
1 x 18650 3000MAH Battery
We cannot ship this outside the USA

Our Price: $29.00
Laser Grid GS1  * Laser Grid GS1 *

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: We will not ship this item outside of the United States at this time.


PATENTED System to Easily Detect Motion and Visual Disturbances Even In The Dark

Helps Measure Dimensions, Shape, Speed and 3-Dimensional Mass of any Visual Anomaly

Tripod Mount On Bottom of Unit for Easy Directional Placement (tripod not included)

Bright Red Laser Grid Lines Can Be Seen On Most Cameras (we especially recommend a Full Spectrum camcorder for the best quality)

Toggle On/Off Switch For Extended Use

Adjust the size of the squares however you want by setting your own distance from the subject with a 1'/1' ratio. 12' distance from the subject results in 12' diameter, 4' distance results in 4' diameter.

Lasts Over 20 Hours On 2 AA Batteries


Our Price: $89.95
Sale Price: $69.95
Specterbeam© All In One Flashlight/Lasergrid/Recorder Specterbeam© All In One Flashlight/Lasergrid/Recorder

It's a Laser grid with 3 colors of Lasers, it's a flashlight for light and Q&A of spirits and a digital voice recorder! This is the ultimate flashlight for the serious Paranormal Investigator.

Four color selectable light. With the push of a button change the color output of the light to White/Red/Green or Purple. Note: The led light output is not intended to be bright, it is intended to be able to see in the dark without blinding out the room or other investigators.

Red laser grid with adjustable patterns. On board fully adjustable laser grid turns on and off with the push of a button. Can be great for shadow detection. Laser grid pattern will vary in style.

Maglite Solitaire mini flashlight for doing "Flashlight sessions". Great built in flashlight for setting up flashlight sessions either tripod mounted or desktop. Molded into the Specterbeam and is fully removable if needed.

Built in Paranologies Phonoband digital recorder. Great mini recorder perfectly designed for EVP's in mind. One switch to activate recordings. Has its own internal battery so it will continue to record if flashlight batteries die. Built in 8 GB recording stores about 96 hours of recording and 14 hours of battery life. Battery is rechargeable by included charger cable.

Tripod mount. Mount the Specterbeam on a tripod to control all the functions when you don't want to hold it.

Mini tripod stand built into the unit so the unit will be stable when on a flat surface.

Includes the following built in items-

Built in 4 function led light.
Adjustable red laser grid.
Phonoband digital recorder.
Maglite Solitaire micro flashlight.
Female tripod mount
Mini tripod stand.
Takes 3 x AAA batteries for the Laser grid, and selectable Led light. Maglite has its own internal included AAA battery. Phonoband has its own internal included rechargeable battery and cable.

Our Price: $99.99
360° Puck Laser Grid* 360° Puck Laser Grid*

Have you ever had potential evidence happen on an investigation that was just out of camera view? It can be frustrating. Have you ever spent precious investigation time trying to get good camera and lighting angles, so you can see the entire room? Here's your answer...

Imagine being able to map out everything you wanted to know about the physical aspects of a ghost or any anomaly all around you - in 360 degrees. Well now you can! This new 360 laser grid system can tell us speed, dimensions and even help us make a 3D model of the anomaly. Utilizing a line grid pattern this laser system gives us more information than ever before. While dots as used by other systems are helpful in determining visual disturbances, lines can help us measure much, much more! Just place the 360 laser grid in the center of an area. For best results, lock it together with a 360 Puck Camera System and record the entire space. Any anomaly with significant enough mass that passes in front of the laser will cause a visual disturbance in the pattern. With enough mass, the anomaly will reflect a different pattern, bowing the lines along the surface of the anomaly. This reflected surface pattern will allow you to map out the anomaly in 3 dimensions - something never before done in the paranormal field. This unit includes an on/off toggle switch and a tripod mount for setting on any standard tripod.


  • 360° laser grid for full room coverage using 3 laser projectors
  • Interlocking system for changing components
  • Plug-in power using AC or USB battery pack for portability
  • Sturdy, metal tripod mount
  • Made with super lightweight, strong and biodegradable PLA material

List Price: $169.95
Our Price: $169.95