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St Benedict Crucifix on Cord  (blessed) St Benedict Crucifix on Cord (blessed)

The St Benedict medal is inscribed with a powerful exorcism prayer on it. This medal offers strong protections against demonic and negative spirits.

The Saint Benedict Medal is a Christian sacramental medal containing symbols and text related to the life of Saint Benedict of Nursia, used by Roman Catholics, as well as Anglicans, Lutherans, Methodists and the Western Orthodox, in the Benedictine Christian tradition. The medal is one of the oldest and most honored medals used by Christians and due to the belief in its power against evil is also known as the "devil-chasing medal". As early as the 11th century, it may have initially had the form of Saint Benedict's cross, and was used by Pope Leo IX. In widespread use after its formal approval by Pope Benedict XIV in the 18th century, the medal is used by Roman Catholics to ward off spiritual and physical dangers, especially those related to evil, poison, and temptation.

This popular pendant includes a black enamel background finish and a matching black rubber cord for wearing around the neck. This metal and resin cross has the St Benedict Jubilee Medal embedded into in. Both sides of the medal are visible.

Material: Silver Plate/Enamel Size: 1 3⁄4" H

On the back of the medal, the cross is dominant. On the arms of the cross are the initial letters of a Latin prayer: Crux sacra sit mihi lux! Nunquam draco sit mihi dux! (May the holy cross be my light! May the dragon never be my guide!).

Above the cross is the word pax (peace), that has been a Benedictine motto for centuries. Around the margin of the back of the medal, the letters V R S N S M V - S M Q L I V B are the initial letters of a Latin prayer of exorcism against Satan: Vade retro Satana! Nunquam suade mihi vana! Sunt mala quae libas. Ipse venena bibas! (Begone Satan! Never tempt me with your vanities! What you offer me is evil. Drink the poison yourself!)

It has been blessed with a special exorcism blessing

Our Price: $7.00
Saint Joseph Home Blessing Kit Saint Joseph Home Blessing Kit

Saint Joseph Home Blessing Kit includes the following:

- The Crucifix - A reminder of the Cross of Calvary, upon which Jesus our Savior suffered and died to atone for our sins. The crucifix is the sign of our salvation., the price Jesus paid to redeem us from sin and death and to reunite us with His Father in heaven. By the power of the Cross we too can overcome the power of the devil. The cross strikes terror in the evil spirits, they take flight when they see it, for it reminds them of their ultimate destruction. Thus, from the times of the Apostles, Christians have blessed themselves and those they love with the Sign of the Cross.

- Empty Holy Water Bottle (to be filled with Holy Water from a Church, Shrine, Priest, Minister, Etc. it is more accessible that you think) - Holy water is the water blessed at the Easter Vigil and throughout the year for Baptism and blessings. We strongly encourage you to regularly bless yourselves, your children, and others with Holy Water. Parents have the unique privilege of blessing their children, calling down upon them God's favor and protection.

- The Rosary is the most popular private devoting and method of meditation in the Catholic Church, joining us to God through Mary, our mother and intercessor. In the Rosary as ask Mary, the Mother of Jesus, to pray for us, now and the hour of our death. In a special way, to pray with the Family Rosary is to invite Mary into our home, into the most intimate heart of our family, to be with us. "The Family that prays together stays together!"

- The Brown Scapular is a special garment worn as sign of love and devotion to Mary our Mother and Queen, she gave it to Saint Simon Stock, saying "Whoever dies invested with this Scapular shall be preserved from the eternal flames. It is a sign of salvation, a sure safeguard in danger, a pledge of peace and of my special protection until the end of the ages. "We are called to wear the scapular continuously, to trust in Our Lady, who has great power of intercession before her Son, and to receive her continuous protection.

-Saint Joseph Statue to place on a family altar or place of prominence in the home. It is especially good to ask Saint Joseph's intercession for God's blessing upon our homes, as he is the patron of a happy home!

  • 9 x 7 1⁄4" H Package
  • 6" Crucifix
  • 3 1⁄2" H Statue
  • 2 oz. Holy Water Bottle
  • 16" L Rosary, Scapular with 1" H Panels

Our Price: $12.00
Cross with Soil, Water, Oil & Incense Cross with Soil, Water, Oil & Incense

Set include:

1. Hanging Olive Wood Cross with Jerusalem Stamp

2. Holy Anointing Olive Oil pressed in Bethlehem

3. Purifying Holy Water from Jordan River

4. Holy Earth from the Hills of Bethlehem

5. Frankincense from Jerusalem.

*Burn the frankincense and let the light aromatic smell purify your house.

Keep as a spiritual keepsake.

Use with prayer in the home, religious celebrations, sick room visitation and as sacraments during time of hardship.

This comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from the Orthodox Greek Church in Jerusalem.

Our Price: $14.00