coronavirus update

coronavirus update 3-23-2020

Hi everyone,

Michelle and I wanted to give all of you a heads up on what's going on with regards to the ghost on your store and haunted expirations events during the coronavirus pandemic. We are based in Philadelphia Pennsylvania and have been issued a stay at home order and only essential businesses are allowed to open. We are an online business so the orders do not affect our online sales. However shipping times posted on products are not going to be accurate during the pandemic simply because many areas where the companies who build these products, whether they are a large company or somebody building equipment out of their home, are under different restrictions in regards to what business they can do. Some of the companies will have to close temporarily, others may have difficulty getting parts. As you can imagine many of the electronics come from overseas so those shipping lanes are currently closed. Everyone will experience delays shipping through the Postal Service, UPS and every other shipping company. There will be prioritization for important supplies to get through to certain areas and other packages will get delivered but all the shipping companies have suspended their delivery guarantees.

So while we do remain open for business, new orders and current existing orders may be delayed because of the national as well as local restrictions because of the coronavirus. We hope that every person will continue to support local small businesses which make up 90% of the people who build this equipment for you as well as us. We hope we can count on your patience and understand any delivery delays that may occur because of the current situation. All of the companies involved in producing paranormal equipment will appreciate that patients as well as your continued support. We ask that you contact us directly if there's an issue with your order.

Finally we wish everyone of you health and safety at this trying time. We are all in this together, God bless each one of you and your families.

Dave and Michelle Juliano