Holiday Shipping Information 2019
Holiday Shipping Information

Holiday Shipping Information 2019

Since many of the items are built or modified by hand by real paranormal researchers they each have their own special shipping time frames. During the holidays we realize that many people will want a product by Christmas. Here are the times given to us by the builders, suppliers and manufacturers as their 2018 cut off date to receive before Christmas. These apply on the hand built or hand modified items because they take extra time to build. If you do not need it by the 25th then all normal shipping times on the site would apply. The postal service has 12/20 as the last day possible for priority mail to arrive in time for Christmas.


Normal non-custom, in stock items can ship out by December 20th and make it by the 24th. If you must have it for Christmas please ask to see if an item is in stock!

If you are in doubt about an item's ability to make it in time please message us (other options are at the bottom of the page)
Messaging will be the quickest way to get a hold of us because it pops up on our cell phones.
Message Dave directly here

  • Full Spectrum Cameras and Portals - Order by 12/10 (Check if ordering after for the 10th Christmas Delivery)

  • ShadowTrackers - Order by 12/1

  • Paranologies Items (parascopes, etc.) - Order by 12/13

  • ProMeasure Items (MEL meter, KII, SB7 & 11) - Order by 12/13 (special custom MEL meters and Rem Pds can take additional time)

  • SLS/Kinect Cams - Order by 12/10 (Check if ordering after for the 10th Christmas Delivery)

  • Lighted Dowsing Rods - 12/20

The quickest ways to hold of us in the order of response speed :)

Message Us Directly - Message Us - pops on our cell phone no matter where we are and 24 hrs a day.

Call AND Leave a voicemail - 609-239-2626 - If you leave a voicemail that also pops up right on our phones if we cannot answer at the moment

Message us on our Facebook page

Email Us - - we get 100's our emails everyday so it takes time to go through all of them.